The clinical benefits of computerized bhandal dentist medical records are clear; however, the costs of current proprietary systems are large. These high cost systems inhibit many small private doctors practices from transitioning to computerized medical records. This obstacle can easily be circumvented with OpenEMR and our affordable services. OpenEMR is a FREE open source EMR system, which can be downloaded below for FREE!

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Please note that OpenEMR is not an easy installation as directly offered in source code format. EHR Live has made an easily intallable installation CD; which is availabe for sale here.

EHR Live provides the support needed in order to setup and maintain an OpenEMR installation for practices who don't have the technical know-how. We also have a service called OpenEMR Online; which is a hosted OpenEMR System available 24/7 and accessable from any private doctor location that has an internet connection hosted from our data center. This allows you to save on your upfront capital costs for server equipment and also not worry about maintenance of your servers since we take care of that all for one low monthly fee. We are HIPAA compliant, user friendly, affordable, and flexible.

Our other services include OpenEMR Training, Online Data Backups, HIPAA Compliancy Consulting and IT Administration with knowledge of current technology geared towards the private GP medical industry.